pH 7.01 Technical Buffer, Green (500 mL) - HI5007-G

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HI5007-G is a premium quality pH 7.01 technical calibration buffer that has been dyed green for easy buffer identification. The HI5007-G is NIST traceable and supplied with a Certificate of Analysis. Hanna calibration buffers have the lot number and expiration date clearly marked on the label and are air tight with a tamper-proof seal to ensure the quality of the solution. Hanna's line of technical calibration buffers have been specially formulated to have an expiration of 5 years from the date of manufacture for an unopened bottle.
  • Supplied with Certificate of Analysis
  • Accuracy of +/- 0.01 pH @ 25°C
  • Temperature chart of the actual pH value at various temperatures printed on each bottle
HI5007-G is a premium quality pH 7.01 technical calibration buffer made from high purity salts and deionized water for analytical use according to ISO 3696/BS3978, using balances checked with certified weight and Class A glassware, in a temperature controlled environment checked with certified thermometers. Reported values are accurate to +/- 0.01 pH @ 25°C and are traceable to NIST Standard Reference Materials (SRMs). certificate of Analysis

The HI5007-G is supplied with Certificate of Analysis

  • Product code
  • Lot number
  • Mean lot value
  • SRMs that were used
  • Manufacturing date
  • Expiration date

This pH 7.01 buffer solution is dyed green for easy identification

  • Easy to identify which buffer is being used for calibration
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