Infrared Transmitter for Temperature Dataloggers - HI141001

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The HI141001 is an infrared transmitter that works together with the HI141 temperature datalogger series. Through an RS232 port that connects to a 32-bit PC, logged data can be transferred and managed, and high and low alarms can be programmed on the HI141 dataloggers.
  • RS232 port
  • Infrared communication with datalogger
  • Easy to use interface
Infrared transmitter for Temperature Dataloggers The HI141001 is an infrared transmitter that allows the transfer and management of data from the HI141 series of dataloggers. By simply placing the HI141 temperature loggers on the interface of the HI141001 and running the HI141000 PC software (for 32-bit systems), users can manage their readings, program high and low alarms, and establish logging intervals and start times. The infrared cradle eliminates the need to put a connector on the datalogger - an undesirable dirt-trap in the food market and source of problems due to wear and tear over time. Using the cradle and software (for 32-bit systems), users need just one PC interface to handle all HI141 dataloggers, each identified by a unique ID code. Communication between the infrared transmitter and the HI141 series is indicated by two LED lights on the face of the datalogger.
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