Hydrogen Peroxide Reagent for Formol Number Mini Titrator HI84533-60

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The HI84533-60 is a 30 mL bottle of hydrogen peroxide reagent that is used for samples on the HI84533 Formol Number Mini Titrator for Wine and Fruit Juice Analysis. The HI84533 mini titrator is designed to determine both low and high range values of formol number in wine and fruit juice. Wine or fruit juice samples containing high levels of sulfur dioxide (SO2) may introduce error in determining formol number. With such samples, it is necessary to add several drops of HI84533-60 hydrogen peroxide reagent to neutralize the SO2 prior to titration.
  • Pre-measured solution
  • Clearly marked expiration date and lot number
  • Air tight bottle with tamper-proof seal


The HI84533-60 is a 30 mL bottle of hydrogen peroxide reagent that is necessary for wine and fruit juice samples that contain high levels of SO2. The reagent neutralizes SO2 present and ensures an accurate determination of formol number. The content of amino acids and other nitrogen compounds in wine or fruit juice is determined by an acid base titration to a fixed pH endpoint and expressed as total assimilable nitrogen. The determination of formol number is possible only after neutralization of the titratable acids present by a pH adjustment with HI84533-62 reagent, followed by the blockage of the amino groups by reaction with the HI84533-61 formol base reagent. The titration is then performed with the HI84533-50 titrant solution.


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