Gel Filled pH Electrode with Quick Connect DIN Connector - HI11103

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The HI11103 is a glass body, gel filled, pH electrode that has a single junction and a built-in temperature sensor and connects to the meter with a quick connect DIN connector. This type of connector is proprietary to specific meters such as the HI98190.  This electrode has a single ceramic junction in the outer reference cell and the spherical pH sensing portion is made with general purpose glass. This design consideration is ideal for the laboratory that does not want to refill a pH electrode.
  • Built-In Temperature Sensor
  • Single Junction Design
  • Gel Filled

Hanna Instruments offers a wide variety of pH electrodes that are designed for many different applications. The type of glass used for sensing pH, bulb shape, body material, type of junction, type of reference and electrolyte used are just some of the design considerations.


The HI11103 uses general purpose (GP) glass, spherical bulb, glass body, single ceramic frit, single junction and is gel filled.


General Purpose Glass Formulation

General Purpose (GP) glass, as the name implies, is a standard glass formulation that is used for general use. A pH electrode with GP glass will have a resistance of 100 megaohms at 25°C and is suited for measuring pH of samples that are at ambient temperatures. The HI11103 is suitable to use with samples that are between 0 to 80°C.


Spherical Bulb

The spherical bulb is for general purpose use. Other tip shapes include conic for penetration and flat tip for surface measurements.


Glass Body

The glass body is ideal for laboratory use. The glass is resistant to many harsh chemicals and is easily cleaned. The glass body also allows for a fast transfer of heat to the internal reference electrolyte. The mV generated by the reference cell is temperature-dependent. The faster the electrode reaches equilibrium, the steadier the reference potential.


Single Ceramic Junction Reference

The HI11103 is a single junction pH electrode. The junction also known as a salt bridge is necessary component of the electrical circuit. The movement of ions must flow through the junction for a steady reading. The reference cell has a single ceramic frit. The ceramic is a porous material that is easily fused with the glass body and has a similar expansion coefficient. A single ceramic junction has a flow rate of 15-20 μL/hour. Other junction types are available with higher flow rates and made with different materials.


Gel Filled

The HI11103 is a glass body, laboratory pH electrode that uses a gel electrolyte. The gel filled probe is ideal for the lab that wants maintenance-free operation other than routine cleaning and calibration. The HI11103 does not require a refill electrolyte solution.


Quick Connect DIN Connector

The HI11103 uses a Quick Connect DIN connector that makes attaching and removing the probe simple and easy. This type of connector is proprietary to the meter. See the specifications table for compatible meters.




Body Material



single, Ag/AgCl

Junction/Flow rate 

ceramic, single / 15-20 µL/h




pH: 0 to 13

Max. pressure 

0.1 bar

Tip shape

spheric (dia: 9.5 mm)


12 mm

Recommended Operating Temperature

0 to 80°C (32 to 176°F) — GP

Temperature sensor





coaxial; 1 m (3.3’)




general purpose

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