Extended pH Electrode with Micro Bulb and BNC + PIN Connector - HI1093P

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The HI1093P is a glass body, single reference junction extended pH electrode with a BNC + PIN connector designed to be specifically used to measure pH in NMR tubes. This pH electrode has a 3mm (0.11 ") diameter and is 130mm (5.11 ") long.   The electrode has a unique open junction design in which there is a viscolene (hard gel) electrolyte layer that is free of silver chloride (AgCl) between the sample to be measured and the internal reference cell. The open junction design resists clogging and the probe's spherical micro bulb tip made from general purpose glass.
  • Micro Bulb Tip
  • 130 mm (5.11 ") Extended Probe Length
  • Open Junction

Hanna Instruments offers a wide variety of pH electrodes that are designed for many different applications. The type of glass used for sensing pH, bulb shape, body material, type of junction, type of reference and electrolyte used are just some of the design considerations. The HI1093P is a glass body probe that uses general purpose (GP) glass and open junction design with viscolene gel electrolyte. The diameter of the probe is 3mm (0.11”) diameter and the length is 130mm (5.11”), making it ideal for NMR tubes.

General Purpose Glass Formulation

General Purpose (GP) glass, as the name implies, is a standard glass formulation that is used for general use.  A pH electrode with GP glass will have a resistance of 100 megaohms at 25°C and is suited for measuring pH of samples that are at ambient temperatures. The HI1093P is suitable to use with samples that measure from 0 to 50°C

Micro Bulb Tip

The 3 mm micro bulb tip design allows for measurement in samples less than 100 µL. In the field of biotechnology, samples may need to be measured in test tubes, vials, and NMR tubes, which the small bulb of the HI1093P easily allows for.

Extended Glass Body

The glass body is ideal for laboratory use. The glass is resistant to many harsh chemicals and is easily cleaned. The glass body also allows for a fast transfer of heat to the internal reference electrolyte. The mV generated by the reference cell is temperature dependent. The faster the equilibrium the steadier the reference potential. The HI1093P extended body length allows for measurement in NMR tubes.

Open Junction Reference

Suspended solids and proteins found in food products will clog a conventional ceramic reference junction. This clogging will impede the measurement circuit between the indicating electrode and the internal reference resulting in slower response time, erratic readings, and frequent electrode replacement. The open junction design consists of a solid gel interface (viscolene) between the sample and internal Ag/AgCl reference. This interface not only prevents silver from entering the sample, but also makes it impermeable to clogging, resulting in a fast response and stable readings.

BNC + PIN Connector

The HI1093P uses a BNC + PIN connector. The BNC connector is universal in that it can be used on any pH meter that has the female BNC probe input. The pin connector is used to enable the CAL Check function on the following benchtop pH meters; HI122, HI123, HI221, HI222, HI223, HI2221, HI2222, and HI2223.



Specification Name Detail
Description combination pH electrode w/ extended length and micro bulb
Reference single, Ag/AgCl
Junction / Flow Rate open
Electrolyte viscolene
Max Pressure 0.1 bar
Range pH: 0 to 14
Recommended Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) - GP
Tip / Shape spheric (dia: 3 mm)
Temperature Sensor no
Amplifier no
Body Material glass — GP
Cable coaxial; 1 m (3.3’)
Recommended Use NMR tubes
Connection BNC + pin*
Special Note * For pH meters with CAL Check system
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