Air and Gas K-Type Thermocouple Probe - HI766PD

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The HI766PD is an air and gas K-type thermocouple probe designed for use with the HI766HD probe handle and thermocouple thermometer. The vent holes at the tip of the probe allow users to obtain highly accurate temperature readings of air and gases.
  • Measures up to 300°C (570°F)
  • 20 second response time
  • Stainless steel

The Air and Gas K-Type Thermocouple Probe - HI766PD is designed to measure the temperature of air and gas samples. The response time of a measurement is affected by the position of the sensor relative to the substance being measured. The HI766PD construction with vent holes located at the tip of the probe offers a 20-second response for a temperature reading. With a strong, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel construction, this probe is able to measure gaseous samples up to 300°C (570°F). 


Recommended Operating Temperature 300°C (570°F)
Response Time (90% of final value) 5 seconds
Body Length L 250 mm x dia 3 mm (9.8" x 0.12")
Temperature Sensor yes
Body Material stainless steel
Recommended Use air, gases
Connection K-Type
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