0 NTU Turbidity Calibration Standard - HI93102-0

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The HI93102-0 0 NTU Turbidity Calibration Standards provide a simple solution to calibrating and validating the HI93102 turbidity meter that has a 0.00 to 50.0 NTU range. Hanna turbidity calibration standards are prepared from NIST traceable primary standard reference materials and come supplied with a certificate of analysis. The certificate of analysis provides the lot number, reference values, and expiration date for traceability when certifying the appropriate turbidity meter.
  • Supplied with certificate of analysis
  • AMCO AEPA-1 primary turbidity standard
  • Reusable with long shelf life stability
The HI93102 EPA compliant turbidity meter is designed to be routinely standardized with a known light scattering standard. As with all analytical standards or reference materials, a turbidity standard should be able to perform the following: provide traceability, demonstrate the accuracy of results, calibrate the equipment and methodology, monitor user performance, validate tests, and facilitate comparability. Standardization ensures that when the correct procedures have been followed, the same analysis of the same materials will produce results that agree with each other whenever they are performed.
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